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Tablet Counters

“an invaluable tool for pharmacists”
Tablet Counters

The Blister Boys - making pill popping easy!

The Blister Boys Mini is mini in size but packs a real punch when it comes to pill popping.


The patented design seems so simple but looks can be deceiving  - the precision and focused power you can achieve with this wonder tool is amazing, and in an instant it can provide subtle, evenly distributed compression for the softest capsule.

Easy operation
do you need to pop a multi-row? Is it diagonal? No problem! A two second adjustment and you are away. Do you have a large capsule? A small pill? Easy! A quick adjustment and away you go again.
This machine is built to last. Anodised and stainless steel with high grade acrylic parts  will ensure this device will sit safely on your benchtop and work tirelessly day after day, year after year. No mechanical parts that can break down, and no electricity.

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