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A Shining Example - McLernons e-prescribing pilot in Mallow gets a visit from the Chief Information Officer

'A Shining Example' Keith McLernon of McLernon Computers was delighted to meet Richard Corbridge, Ireland's Chief Information Officer, at Peter Weedle's Townview pharmacy in Mallow.

Richard had come along to see the e-prescribing pilot, developed by McLernons and CompleteGP, which has been live since mid-October and will roll out to a wider test group of pharmacies and GPs in the New Year.

Keith McLernon said, "We are delighted to be involved in this project, run under the auspices of the Health Innovation Hub in Cork, as we firmly believe e-prescribing offers a number of benefits to both patients and pharmacists. Accuracy of dispensing is improved and, by being able to plan their workload, pharmacists can use their time more efficiently, freeing up more time to counsel patients when they arrive to collect their medication".

How it works

The data on each prescription for each individual item is automatically coded in the GP surgery and sent to a central computer server, accompanied by a unique code or ‘unlock’ key. The prescription is fully encrypted during the transmission and storage on the central server.

When the prescription is printed, the printer also produces this unique key on the prescription form in a single line barcode. The data is sent to the cloud, and the prescription (which is still the legal document) is given to the patient or their carer. At all times, control over the prescription remains with the patient, and nothing happens until they present the ‘script in the pharmacy of their choice. Only at this point is the prescription barcode scanned and the code allows the information to be retrieved from the cloud, and is automatically populated into the McLernons dispensing system.

Richard Corbridge commented, "Moving to a digital prescription is a key step in the eHealth Ireland agenda. What is being done here will prove the concepts of a digital prescription service that meets the requirements of the recently published HIQA standards and delivers a level of patient safety through information never before seen in these types of solutions. The innovation that has been enabled here is a shining example of how the health service across Ireland is starting to embrace the concepts of an eHealth fabric. The eHealth Ireland team are excited to see the outcomes of this pilot and work with the suppliers involved to consider the next steps for this delivery.”