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First electronic prescription in Ireland!

First electronic prescription sent in Ireland! McLernons are leading the way in ePrescribing in Ireland, having successfully completed the software to allow receipt of a barcoded prescription in a community pharmacy. In a bid to eliminate dot matrix printers for GMS scripts the Complete GP system allowed a barcoded script to be printed in the surgery of Dr David Molony in Mallow. The barcoded script is sent via Healthlink, the Irish national Health data and messaging infrastructure, to the pharmacy where the pharmacists can start to prepare the medicines to be dispensed. The paper script was taken by the patient to Peter Weedle’s pharmacy and the bar code scanned, and the patient information confirmed. The already prepared medicines were then checked against the paper script, which is still the legal document, and the medicines dispensed. Keith McLernon, MD of McLernons, said, “We are delighted to yet again be at the forefront of development of cutting edge technology for our community pharmacy customers. McLernons worked closely with Carl Beame of Complete GP to ensure a seamless transfer of patient and prescription information between the GP surgery and the pharmacy. We are indebted to Prof Peter Weedle who tested the software for us over a number of months, and to the support given by Niall Sinnott and Richard Corbridge of eHealth Ireland.” “At McLernons we pride ourselves on constantly innovating and finding new ways to help our customers care for their patients and grow their business and we are particularly proud of this Irish ‘first’.”