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WannaCrypt Ransomware attack on NHS

WannaCrypt Ransomware attack A number of customers will be aware of the recent WannaCrypt Ransomware attack, most particularly on a number of hospital trusts in the NHS in Britain. Are MPS and MPS Retail users at risk? The vast majority of machines supported by McLernons are on AVG Managed Workplace with patch management enabled, and therefore should be up to date and should have AntiVirus installed. If your systems are old or are running unsupported operating systems (such as XP, Vista, Windows 8, or Server 2003) we can advise that Microsoft has released patches to resolve the issue Please contact our Customer Services Department by telephone ROI 1890 886001; NI 028 90811030 or by emailing '' if your systems are not already on AVG Managed Workplace and ask about keeping your systems upgraded and safer from attack Information on the ransomware can be found on the Microsoft Security blog here