McLernon Computes Pharmacy IT Business Solutions

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“an invaluable tool for pharmacists”
Services McLernon Computers offer a wide range of services to our pharmacy partners – such as technical support, bespoke software functionality and payment plans tailored to suit you.

We have developed a number of ‘first’s in the industry, including a live-linked access to the BNF and associated pharmacopeia reference books, allowing instant referencing at the point of dispensing.

We are also in partnership with a number of GP software providers, to ensure that MPS is best placed to facilitate communication between the pharmacy and the GP surgery. As an extension of this, we work closely with a number of nursing home providers to ensure a seamless triangle of communication between the GP, the nursing home and the dispensary.

We endeavour to meet all your IT needs and can offer a number of options for off-site backups, automatic remote programme updates, high speed broadband packages and the opportunity to avail of the services of an IT security company who can review your current IT security provisions and suggest ways in which these can be improved.

We pride ourselves on the ease of transition to MPS, whether that be from a DOS-based system or another PMR provider. Our team will draw up a timetable for installation, our engineers will work with you to ensure minimal ‘down time’ during opening hours, and our trainers will be on hand every step of the way to guide you and your staff through the first days, months and years of your MPS.

We can help you get the most out of your system, and can demonstrate the efficiencies you have made as we benchmark your stock holding, staffing levels at the outset, providing you with an efficient set of comparators which you can use to help you plan your business.

Should you wish to avail of additional training, this can be arranged either at your pharmacy or at our own bespoke training suite, where groups of up to 25 can be accommodated.