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MPS Enterprise - Head Office / Overview

“an invaluable tool for pharmacists”
MPS Enterprise - Head Office / Overview There is a reason why more pharmacy groups use McLernons MPS rather than any other pharmacy software system– no one else knows your business like we do and our MPS Enterprise Head Office system gives you the tools you need to maximise your profitability.

It gives you the facility for complete control of stock and reinforcement of purchasing policies across a group of pharmacies.

Allied to this, we can offer our customers the opportunity to avail of our unique partnership with Real World Retail, which provide a Cloud-based Decision Support System for mid-sized retailers.

A suite of dashboards and modules gives the retailer a complete view and control of their inventory, buying and merchandising instantly. The solution based on business analytics provides the insights that support real-world decisions to drive profitability and cash flow.
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  • The installation of the software we purchased from McLernon Computers went incredibly smoothly. We rolled out 24 stores in just two months and I think there is very littl...

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