Mobile Pharmacy App

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This unique pharmacy app circumvents the common issue that pharmacies have when ‘scripts which have been collected from GP surgeries on behalf of patients arrive in one batch in the dispensary when the driver completes his rounds.

The app achieves two things – better use of the driver’s time and better workload management in the dispensary.

Previously, many GP surgeries required the person collecting the ‘scripts to laboriously handwrite every ‘script they were collecting into a record maintained by the surgery, and to countersign this as proof of uplift.

Using the app, the person collecting the ‘scripts simply scans the 2D barcodes and a receipt – which is password protected – is sent automatically to the surgery.

The other benefit, and one which is proving to be hugely advantageous for the dispensary, is the better management of workflow.  Instead of a large bundle of ‘scripts arriving in one lot in the dispensary when the driver has finished his rounds, the ‘script information can be sent directly to the McLernons Dispensing system. The medicines can be prepared and ready for final checking as soon as the paper copy of the prescription arrives back in the dispensary.

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