McLernons Retail (EPoS)

Offering high levels of innovation and ease of use...

McLernons Retail, our Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solution, offers the same high levels of innovation and ease of use as our McLernons Dispensing system.

Simple to use, easy transition, all with exceptional support

Pharmacies are busy places, and McLernons Retail helps eliminate queues at checkout, allowing you and your staff to complete a sale accurately and quickly.

We have designed the system to be intuitive, meaning all staff can work their way around it easily.  Our teams of engineers and trainers will be by your side to guide and manage the transition, from preparation to ‘go live’, and will continue to support you thereafter.

As McLernons Retail was designed by the same team who designed our McLernons Dispensing software, there is a similar look and feel to both, and units can be configured to run both software programmes on one system.

Benefits of McLernons Retail

    • Improved stock control for a reduced inventory and lower costs
    • More efficient business management, saving time and money
    • Increased revenue through better management of pricing and offers
    • Improved pricing accuracy and better customer service
    • Integrate your MPS Retail with your MPS dispensing system to track DPS payments (RoI), etc
    • Create individual staff accounts and track sales, with customised permissions to restrict what users can see and do.
    • Track all cash movements from cash flow to register closure and reduce errors, theft and discrepancies.
    • Combining your till, back office and stock inventory functions, it allows you to run reports, connect with your financial provider and can work in single sites or across multiple branches.

When you decide to purchase McLernons Retail, we will provide you with support and assistance at every stage, from initial enquiry to installation and beyond.

We offer help on building up a product file, provide continuing on-site training and our Customer Services team are there to help you with any queries you may have as you learn to use the system.

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