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Our Partners

McLernons are the sole Distributor for HD Medi in Northern and Southern Ireland. Our engineers have undergone extensive training and will provide all installation and service.
Real World Retail is a new software service for retailers. We connect to your existing systems to enable you to access your relevant data quickly and help you make timely business decisions.
Payback Loyalty specialise in the secure management of loyalty data from capture at the EPOS to cloud based back-up and storage to web based reporting. MedicinesComplete is a globally trusted online resource for authoritative information to support clinical and drug research decisions.
Think Backup! is an online back up service allowing you to pay a yearly subscription for your information to be backed up for disaster recovery & long term retention. ARX Robot are a leading provider of medical automation solutions, specialising in providing automated storage and retrieval solutions for all medical needs


Consis B makes the storage and dispensing of medicines simple and efficient. The robotic dispenser can be integrated into the workflow of your pharmacy seamlessly and without difficulty.

MTS (an Omnicell company) is the world's leading manufacturer of adherence packaging, solutions and technology.

Biodose, the world's first Total Medication Management System (ToMM), provides for the first time ever, the ability to dispense and monitor liquid and solid oral medications together.

Continually investing in development of new technologies, Precisa Gravimetrics AG funds wide-ranging research by an in-house team of highly skilled engineers and technicians.