Important information for our NI customers – FMD, Securmed and your scanners

Dear McLernons customer

You will recently have been in receipt of an email from Securmed, the company set up to establish the UK’s Medicines Verification system as required by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive.

At the end of January 2022 FMD is no longer applicable in England, Scotland and Wales but it is still in operation in Northern Ireland.

In April of this year, the UK Medicines Verification System becomes the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) and this will necessitate it some software redevelopment by our own McLernons team. These changes, like other software upgrades and changes, will happen behind the scenes and will not impact on the way in which you use your scanners now, or after April.

We understand that in their email Securmed asked you to check with your pharmacy system provider to  ensure you have the updated version of your FMD software installed at your location, in order that you can continue scanning medicines and remain compliant with FMD. You should ask your software supplier to confirm that your NMVS software is compatible with NMVS Core 1.10.

It is not necessary to contact our Service Desk, the latest version of FMD software is currently running on your systems and will continue to do so, and when scanning your medicines you will remain complaint with FMD.

Thank you



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