Script Finder – McLernons announce new, fully integrated, dispensed medicines storage solution

McLernons announce new, fully integrated, dispensed medicines storage solution.


  • Are your dispensary shelves, walls and sometimes floors covered in bags of prescription medicine, dispensed and checked and ready to be handed to the patient?
  • Do you have a system to help you locate them?
  • Do you know how long those bags have been sitting there?
  • Has the patient been reminded to come in and collect their medication?
  • Do you dread looking in the ‘Mc’ pile or the ‘O’ pile as they are three times as big as the others?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then you need Script Finder, our MPS-integrated storage solution.

One of the many changes imposed upon community pharmacy during the Pandemic was finding a new way to handle and process large volumes of dispensed medication.  Increases in dispensing figures and the fact that prescriptions were routed directly to pharmacies has meant that the number of dispensed and bagged medication has multiplied – yet the physical size of your premises has not changed.

How does a storage solution work?

By efficiently storing your patient’s dispensed and bagged prescriptions, you increase the productivity of your pharmacy staff, reduce the length of time that patients spend queuing in your premises. Patients are advised either by text message or via our MediMarshal app when their medications are ready for collection and they receive an automatic reminder message if their medicines go uncollected for a certain period of time, as specified by you. This communication with the patient results in better medicines compliance and enhanced customer service.

The McLernons ‘Script Finder’ Solution allows the MPS user to print a storage location label for each area, and these can be assigned to specific storage spaces such as the fridge, the CD cabinet, shelves and other areas within your pharmacy. Each of these storage locations will be assigned a unique barcode.

When a prescription has been dispensed and the medication bagged and ready for storage, the MPS bag label with a barcode is attached to the bag. This label will be scanned into a storage tab within the queuing system in MPS. A wireless scanner will scan the barcode on the assigned storage location, match it with the bag label and store this information in the patient’s details. Multiple prescriptions can be stored in multiple locations. When handed to the patient the bag label is scanned again to confirm it’s the correct bag to the correct patient and at the same time decommission through the FMD program.


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We have designed this storage solution in such a way that it involves minimal staff training, requires no new storage yet will vastly improve the way that you and your team manage the storage of bagged items. The only hardware required is a wireless scanner, and it can be run on your main dispensing system, at the till if MPS is enabled, or on a tablet, and is available at an annual licence charge of less than £10/€10 per week.

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