We have a dedicated team of highly-qualified IT experts, based in Ireland, some of whom have been with McLernons for over 15 years.

Their insight and understanding of your business is unparalleled in the industry and is one of our biggest strengths. Our customers have been known to ask for members of our Customer Services team by name, enquire after weddings and congratulate on new family members.

On a regular basis our CS team members will accompany trainers and engineers on site visits, so that they fully understand the dynamics and pressures of a busy community pharmacy.

This approach is complemented by our staff training reviews, incentivising team members to study their chosen areas of interest. We believe that this investment is repaid in the quality of information and help that we can provide.

Our Customer Services team can, with your permission, ‘dial in’ to access your system and quickly fix any issues or advise on a better way to approach a problem, providing you and your pharmacy the real time support vital to assist your business.


We have had a long history of working with McLernons

As a business we have had a long history of working well with McLernons – they are a known entity, and we know that you get the support and assistance that you need

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