As we are constantly developing and adapting our suite of products, we understand that the training needs of our customers will also evolve.

From your initial installation when you decide to make the change to McLernons, to more intense training sessions on a particular aspect of a programme, our team of Trainers is there to help.

Like our Engineers, they are located throughout the country so that your pharmacy will have a dedicated Trainer that they work with, and many of them still work regularly in community pharmacies so their knowledge and understanding of your business and your patients is exceptional.

We understand that fear of change can be the biggest deterrent to changing pharmacy systems, and our Trainers do everything they can to answer any queries or concerns you might have.

As soon as a new customer is up-to-speed with the basics we offer the opportunity for additional training to explain the complexity of some of the programmes and offer more nuanced solutions based on your individual needs.

We also provide free training for locums and those returning to work to ensure that any potential new staff members can be fully up to speed with our systems.

McLernons care about our business as much as we do

In retrospect, the transition to McLernons MPS was so much easier and less stressful than I had anticipated.  I think that one of the central reasons for this is that the trainers have real life experience as pharmacy technicians.  They know how a pharmacy works, they know the systems and know the best way to explain things, using the language that we understand.

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